News reaching our news desk from a citizen reporter located in Akwakuma, Owerri North LGA reveals that a the vigilante employed by one of the neighbourhoods have been implicated in the murder of a vibrant young man who lives in the neighbourhood.

According to eye withness account, the young man was returning from work around 10pm on thursday and was stopped by the group. On stopping, he was asked to kneel down. He demanded to know the reason for asking him to kneel down and the vigilante group started beating him. People around identified him as a resident of the neighbourhood and pleaded with the group to release him but their plea fell on deaf ears. They beat him to near unconcsciousness and while he was lying on the road helplessly, the leader of the group shot him.

They left the scene and the young man was immediately rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri but he couldn’t make it to the hospital. He is said to be an only son.

On realizing the outcome of their act, the members of the vigilante took their families that night and left the neighbourhood and are still at large.

The government should please endeavour to check the excesses of some of these vigilante by prodiving them with terms of reference or guideline to avoid undue molestation and harrassment of the citizens they are supposed to assist the police in protecting. They sometimes loose control and refuse to work under those that employed them.

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