In order to cure most stubborn and deadly diseases, a very simple and easy therapy has been found which is known as Water Therapy.

There is an article on water therapy first published by Japanese Sickness Association years back, which states that if Water Therapy is methodically followed, one can get rid of most stubborn diseases viz;

  1. Heart Ache, Blood pressure, Anemia, palpitation of the heart and convulsion
  2. Cough, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis
  3. Meningitis, Diseases related to the liver and kidneys
  4. Hypertension, Dysentery, Constipation and piles
  5. Most eye related diseases
  6. Irregular menstruation (Deucurrahen), Cancer of the uterus.


Method of Drinking Water

Take about 1.2kg, which is 4 glasses of water at a stretch early in the morning as soon as you get up without brushing your mouth. Do not take any liquids or solids for the next 45 minutes thereafter. However, you can brush your teeth after drinking the above quantity of water. If you are following this therapy, you should not take water after your meal for at least 2 hours (that is, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Also you should not eat anything just before retiring to bed.

Those who are physically not too strong, and cannot take 4 glasses of water, should gradually start with 1 or 2 glasses which could be increased t 4 glasses. However, this practice should not be discriminated once started. Both healthy and as well sick people should try this experiment. The former should follow this therapy to keep themselves fit and the later to cure themselves.

It has been proven that from this experiment that the following illnesses can be cured and managed as well as shown below;

  1. Hypertension         : 1 month
  2. Diabetes                 : 1 month
  3. Cancer         : 6 months
  4. Gastric problems : 10 days
  5. Constipation : 10 days
  6. Tuberculosis : 3 months

This is a simple therapy and does not cost anything. Thousands will get benefit without spending anything if they apply this water therapy in their day to day life. It is humbly requested to promote and preach this therapy as much as you can to people so that they can get rid of certain illnesses.

Drinking 4 glasses of water does not pose any adverse effect. Only to the beginner who perhaps may urinate 2-3 times after drinking water, but later on, it becomes a habit. All and sundry should adopt this water therapy and forget about diseases or sicknesses. Let us create heaven on earth and remember your true wealth is your health.


Culled from Japanese Sickness Association by Martin Zubby Okorowu



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